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Play Design Hotel Taipei, Taiwan LIFESTYLE / 27 APRIL 2017 / BY S O I S O U R C E
Play Design Hotel Taipei, Taiwan LIFESTYLE / 27 APRIL 2017 / BY S O I S O U R C E

Play Design Hotel takes a step further to reimagine hotel as a dedicated space for the collaboration of design, traveling, indigenous culture, and daily life experience. A hotel as a marketing platform that brings local design to international travelers by letting them stay in a room furnished with indigenous design, and enabling them to explore, learn, and shop indigenous design to cultivate local cultural engagement.

Launched as an experimental business Play Design Hotel, it is designed as an “inhabitable Taiwan design gallery” with 5 boutique rooms, in which lodgers can physically feel, taste, experience, enjoy, and shop the selected indigenous design furnishings. We target at people aged from 20 to 35 years old around the world, who are fond of design, art, or craft, and would love to learn about stories behind Taiwan design, whether they are designers, architects, buyers, home decorators, life specialists, or design connoisseurs.  
The idea behind Play Design Hotel is to connect international travelers with Taiwan indigenous culture, as well as to help Taiwan designers connect with international lodgers; both of them will collaborate physically and virtually in shaping the meaning of design and hotel. Led by our designed experiential means—from online booking to in-room engaging—the lodgers will actively and profoundly interact with Taiwan design furnishings, and to explore the concept, story, and quality of indigenous culture via selected design works.

Play Design Hotel does not join the fashion of “Design Hotel,” it redefines the meaning of “design” in a “hotel” instead. In Play Design Hotel, design is a personalized and genuine experience, not only a stylish item or aesthetical mode. We center on design in the hospitality experience, and further use indigenous design works to communicate lodgers with local culture and design community.   By transforming hotel rooms into an inhabitable design gallery, it also transfigures a hotel from an accommodation particular for customer-first services, ornate decorations, a variety of facilities, and star-rating criteria, into a new set of interior and service strategies. In Play Design Hotel, an interior space does not signify a variety of equipment or facilities, but recreates the meaning of a space featured by each indigenous design item. In so doing, the hotel becomes a dynamic space manifesting different meaning in accordance with the constitution of furnishing items.   We have introduced “The Theme Room” and “The Guest Selection Room” as the two interior strategies to innovation: Theme Rooms are curated under a main theme: Perspectives for Taiwan Design. These rooms are the assemblage of indigenous furnishing items, including table, chair, tea table, side table, coatrack, clock, stand lamp, pendant lamp, and desk lamp, to name a few. These rooms are sub-themed as Made in Taiwan 3.0, Award-winning Collections, Crowd-funding selections, Maker Room, et cetera. The rooms are curated by the selection team in hotel, and invited local designer or curator.
Guest Selections Room is open for lodgers to curate their own theme. Lodgers are encouraged to select furnishing items through online booking process via our specially designed web interface, and we will furnish the room accordingly before his/her arrival. The lodger will see the special-curated items appeared lively in the room. The two interior strategies are the innovative ideas on enhancing the localized and personalized guest experience, by the co-created hotel with lodger participatory design. This innovative strategy enriches the meaning of the space and its relations to the lodger, rather than offering a compromised balance among style, amenity, and price. For the lodgers, hotel space thus becomes not only a space for sleeping but more of a space of meaning.
Hotel service innovation follows the innovation of interior space. As the lodgers are informed by the new meaning of the hotel they are going to experience, they would have different expectation on services. In Play Design Hotel, every lodger are expecting to receive a tour of the room upon check-in. To enhance the engagement between lodgers and indigenous designs, each room that curated under different themes also encompasses different explorative means (kit, device, or experience guide) will evoke lodgers a sense of further experience with the designers’ furnishings in the room. Through this, lodgers are motivated to learn about various faces of Taiwan’s local life and cultural heritage. Take the culture of making for example, the lodgers are exposed to various local materials such as woods, ceramics, glasses, or medals that are demonstrated in crafts, design decoration, as well as everyday furnishings. This encounter is meant to be a best starting point to learn and understand the local environment of Design in Taiwan. The hotel service concept has thus transformed from traditionally serving “guests” into serving “travelers”.
This service concept is enhanced by the hybrid cultural elements carried by design works. Contemporary Taiwan designers does not only inherit the astounding techniques in manufacturing, craftsmanship, technology, and the rich material resources from local environment, they also assimilate Chinese, Japanese, Fujianese, Hakka, and aboriginal culture while being trained in Western design education. With such mixture of cultural background, Taiwan designers have created contemporary design works with sophisticated techniques and multi-culturality. Experiencing the indigenous design works becomes one of the best ways to learn about contemporary culture in Taiwan.
The innovative ideas on recreating the meaning of interior space and service concept make hotel become one of experiential destinations for the travelers. They can expect to experience something different than ordinary stay. This changes the way a hotel operates, and has redefined the organization, configuration and function of a hotel.   A hotel engages with local community also has an authority on traveling tips and recommendations. Play Design Hotel takes this role seriously and further expand the indoor room service experience to outdoor exploration outside our hotel by introducing a guidebook that we designed for lodgers in Play Design Hotel. 

Thank you Play Design Hotel for sharing such an inspiring project with us!
#soisource #soisourcelifestyle #interiordesign #playdesignhotel #taipei